Medieval Rus′

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Guidelines for oral presentations

Each student is responsible for overseeing two class meetings during the semester. You should select your topics from the syllabus, bearing in mind that the topic of your research paper must differ from the topics of your oral presentations. Unless your topic is very small, your presentation should normally last the entire seventy-five-minute session. For each session for which you are responsible you should:

For a guide to conducting research see Research strategy page.

You are the teacher during these sessions, and your task is not just to show the instructor that you understand the material. Rather, you are responsible for helping your classmates understand and learn from the materials, which will draw on your pedagogical skills as much as it will on your own knowledge. During the session, your primary audience is your fellow course participants, and you should address them, rather than the instructor.

Please do not consult with anyone other than the instructor as you prepare for your oral presentations. One purpose of these assignments is for you to gain expertise in researching and preparing oral presentations, an experience that will be lost if someone else directs you to the relevant bibliographic materials. Please do feel free to consult with the instructor at any time.