Medieval Rus′

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Second South Slavic influence: Quiz

  1. Kitch (1976) identifies several rhetorical features that are characteristic (to varying degrees) of Epifanij’s Life of St. Stephen of Perm and similar works. Define the following briefly (in no more than a phrase):
    1. Syntactic parallelism
    2. Chiasmus
    3. Homoeoteleuton
    4. Anaphora
    5. Isocolon
    6. Cursus
  2. Worth (1983) divides linguistic and paralinguistic features traditionally associated with the Second South Slavic Influence into several categories. For each category listed below, provide a brief (no more than a phrase) definition and one example taken from Worth’s article:
    1. Hellenism
    2. Archaism
    3. South Slavic features
    4. Glagolitic features
    5. Russian innovations